Why Join Our Association?

Membership Benefits

Our association offers its members exclusive benefits with suppliers. Additional partners will be announced in the months to come. If you are a local business who wishes to offer products and services to our members, please contact us at info@licensedstas.com or (613) 627-8879.

Join Now

The cost of membership is $25 annually per bedroom.
Note: Your membership is an annual recurring membership. Your credit card will be charged each year on the anniversary of the sign up - your renewal date. You will be sent a reminder email prior to renewal. You can cancel your membership prior to renewal by emailing info@licensedstas.com

Joining is Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Simply select the total number of bedrooms in your STA(s) to start the process, and click the link.
  2. Full out the membership application form.
  3. Complete your application with credit card payment.

How will I know I'm a member? You'll know that your membership has been successfully processed when you receive 3 emails: (1) an email called "Hey STA Owner!" when you complete the application form; (2) a PayPal or Stripe receipt to be used as a taxable expense; and, (3) a membership confirmation email called "New Membership Purchase was Successful".

    How many bedrooms do you have in total in your STA(s)?

    Your membership fees are calculated based on the total number of bedrooms in all of your licensed STA(s). If you haven't yet applied for your license(s), here's the STA License Form on the Prince Edward County website. You may still join our organization before you have your license(s), provided you are in the process of becoming licensed.

    Associate Memberships

    You don't have an STA, but you, or your business, want to join our organization to support STAs in PEC.

    Newsletter Subscription

    Members receive e-newsletters by default.
    By joining, new members are automatically subscribed to our e-newsletters, to ensure that all members have access to up-to-date information about our association and about short-term accommodations in Prince Edward County. Members who prefer not to receive e-newsletter emails are welcome to opt-out of our newsletter emails at any point in time using Mailchimp's unsubscribe feature.