We Care for PEC Local Residents & Tourism Related Businesses

As small business owners, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge for the benefit of the community and each other. As the first point of contact for tourists we serve as a window to Prince Edward County for the thousands who visit each year.

A strong voice for Licensed Short-Term Accommodators will ensure that we contribute to the spirit of the community and facilitate sustainable and thoughtful tourism in Prince Edward County that allows local businesses, residents, and our community to flourish.

As representatives for Licensed Short-Term Accommodators, we will use our collective voices to ensure that all stakeholders in the County - council, local residents & other tourism related businesses – benefit and community concerns are heard.


Working with County officials, we will advocate that all requirements placed on Short-Term Accommodators are fair, reasonable, and equitable.

With a view towards representation, the Licensed Short-Term Accommodators of Prince Edward County will drive to have a collective seat at the table when municipal policies regarding tourism and Short-Term Accommodations are being considered, created, or revised.