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County Says 'STA Licenses for All'

The New Rules for Vacation Rentals in Prince Edward County

On September 20, 2022, Prince Edward County council voted to allow all residents to use their home for up to 45 days a year as a "vacation rental property" or such other short-term accommodations on platforms like AirBnB and VRBO. This is a major change from the previous rules, which limited the STA licenses issued.

The new rules come with some stipulations, of course. All vacation rental properties must be registered with the municipality, and there will be a fee per year for each property. In addition, all properties must comply with the municipality's zoning bylaws. But other than that, anyone in Prince Edward County can now list their primary residence on vacation rental websites and start earning some extra income from tourism.

What This Means for You

So what does this change mean for you? If you're a homeowner in Prince Edward County, it means you now have the opportunity to earn some extra income by renting out your home as a vacation rental property, also referred to as an STA. Just be sure to register your property with the municipality and comply with all the relevant zoning bylaws.

Curious About Becoming a Licensed STA Operator in the County?

A lot of locals are taking advantage of PEC's extraordinary tourism opportunity by opening their homes to people who want to visit the county. Those visitors get to experience a unique curated stay that they can't find in a hotel room. And if you're thinking about becoming a licensed STA operator in the County, now is the time.

The Vacation Income Property Symposium

The Licensed Short-Term Accommodators of Prince Edward County launched in 2019 and is the most significant association of STAs in the County, with hundreds of members.

We are excited to announce that our inaugural Vacation Income Property Symposium will take place Saturday, November 5th, 2022 at The Cape in Picton.

Join us for this one-day symposium to provide information and resources for locals curious about becoming licensed STA operators in Prince Edward County.

Learn more, or register, by visiting the

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